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GreenDot Features

Fleet & Energy Right size & mix

Fleets can be adapted to meet the exact requirements of each operation, size and capacity of vehicle, even fuel type

Control of vehicle use

Vehicle Fleet Managers can easily see where their teams should be operating

Optimised Routing & Dispatch

GreenDot works with client operations to deliver the optimum use of resources, drivers, vehicles, planners, dispatchers, schedulers…..

Partner Value

What Greendot provides

  • Optimized total business solution for customer operations
  • Dynamic instructions for real-time operator and driver manifests
  • Driver behaviour analysis for training and fuel efficiency impact
  • Best possible utilisation of any fleet mix
  • High value integrated customer relationship
  • Best possible Energy and CO2 reduction
  • Best possible Total Cost of Ownership
  • Operational data for fleet owner

Greendot services as a strategic partner

Strategic advisory

  • Master planning
  • Global partnering
  • Technology roadmaps
  • Business modeling
  • Tender analysis

Analysis services

  • Driver Behaviour
  • Fuel abuse
  • Mobility planning
  • Feasibility
  • Savings prognosis
  • Optimal fleet design
  • Energy efficiency
  • Best practice

Mobility platform (SaaS)

  • Optimized planning
  • Routes, schedules, loading, vehicle types
  • Fuel, CO2, Energy efficiency
  • Dynamic rescheduling for ad hoc updates and requests
  • Driver instructions

Our field service management software provides the solution to meet all challenges for large and small field service companies. Available either as a plug-in to an existing IT Infrastructure or as a stand-alone service. With the field service management software you can build routes both manually and automatically. Field service tracking shows the current location of each technician in real time. Engineers can constantly keep in touch with the dispatch office through a mobile field service app. linked to your field service management service.

Based on progress information and accumulated lateness, GreenDot route optimisation software recalculates ETAs for every job in the plan, so that you can answer customer queries instantly and with confidence

Let GreenDot build optimal routes for you taking all important constraints into consideration, such as customers’ time windows, vehicle capacities, engineer’s breaks, required skills, driver’s and service engineers’working hours. You only need to define your resources and jobs and hit the “plan” button. GreenDot will calculate the optimum work plan using the minimum asset and energy requirement, saving you time and money.

Even when routes are already started, GreenDot will work out the progress on each run, the current position, the amount of work to be completed and remaining driving hours. It finds the best option to fit in the customer’s order and provide a high level of service.

Our GreenDot planning screen was carefully designed in cooperation with real planners. It is intuitive, easy to use and gives you visual information about your schedule, jobs and resources.

Easily make manual adjustments via drag&drop or build routes from scratch. GreenDot route planning software will give you hints, calculate driving duration, waiting times and optimise routes sequences as you go.

Reduce your daily mileage by 10-20% with the help of the route optimisation software or just schedule orders yourself through drag-and-drop manual planning. The delivery route planner enables narrowing time windows, so you can quote specific time instead of quoting the day of delivery. The route planning software can also schedule last minute orders and return loads even when runs are already started. All this improves fleet utilization and drives the business forward.